Need-to-Know Termite Knowledge

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Flying Termites

April Showers Bring May…Swarmers?


The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. The termites are swarming…especially in the South. As temperatures warm up, termites leave their colonies in large groups to start new ones. And those new colonies are going to be looking for wood eat. Trust us when we tell you: You don’t want these guys landing anywhere near your home.


Even though spring means swarmers, it’s important to realize that termites are year-round terrors. That’s because the swarmers aren’t even the termites that actually eat away at your home. Worker termites are the real wood chompers, and the flying guys depend on them for food. Even if you don’t see either kind of termite in or around your place, the damage could already be done.

What Do You Mean “The Damage Could Be Done”?

Unlike most household pests, termites don’t crawl out in the open. They build mud tubes between their home base and their food source. They could be in your walls. They could be under your floors. But they’re almost always out of your sight.


In our warm southern climate, the tunneling termites can remain active year-round—eating away at your home 24 hours a day. This can go on for years before damage is actually visible.


That’s why it’s critical to have a Terminix expert check your home for signs of termite damage. We know what to look for. We know where to look. And we know how to keep swarmers from touching down on your home.

Wood Eaten by Termites

Termite Tips


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