Why You Shouldn’t DIY Rodent Control

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Do-it-yourself household maintenance is all the rage these days, and that extends to rodent control methods. In fact, an online search for “how to get rid of mice” or “rodent traps” will give you pages of results. But does that mean it’s OK to try to get rid of rodents on your own?

When it comes to rodent problems, it’s recommended that you rely on rodent control professionals, like the ones at Terminix Service, Inc. Find out more about how rodent infestations can affect your home, and the reasons you should leave treatment to the professionals.

Problems That Rodents Can Cause

There are different types of rodents living in our service areas. Not all of them will invade your home or cause damage to your property, but many will and can, including mice and rats. The type of issues caused by rodents will depend on what species has infested your home or yard.

Mice and rats can both destroy insulation and chew through the coatings on wiring, which could lead to shorted circuits and potential house fires. In addition, they can get into food storage, chew upholstered furniture, gnaw on wood and even destroy heirlooms and documents. These rodents can also leave behind urine and droppings that can contaminate your property.