Why You Shouldn’t DIY Cockroach Control

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Type “how to repel cockroaches” into a search engine, and you’re likely to get page after page of do-it-yourself methods for baits, traps and home remedies. But a cockroach infestation should be left to the professionals, like Terminix.

Learn more about the ways a roach infestation can affect your home, and the reasons you should leave treatment to a professional.

Problems That Roaches Can Cause

Most people are only aware of the roaches that can infest their homes. However, there are more than 4,500 species of cockroaches roaming the world.

A few of the most recognizable species of roaches infesting homes are:

  1. German cockroaches
  2. American cockroaches
  3. Smokybrown cockroaches
  4. Oriental cockroach (sometimes mistakenly referred to as “water bugs”)

Most of the time these roaches are found in dirty homes, but they can also live in clean ones as well.

American and oriental cockroach infestations are often associated with leaky pipes or easy access points around the home. Additionally, they can cause damage to pantry food, book bindings and wallpaper (because they eat the paste). All of these items, including grease and food particles, appeal to cockroaches. Another big issue with cockroaches is how quickly an infestation can grow due to the prolific reproduction cycles some of these insects are infamous for. Further, these roaches can heighten people’s allergies.

Effectiveness Issues When It Comes to DIY Cockroach Control

Yes, it’s possible to find DIY home remedies for pest infestations. But, here are some reasons that you should consider before disregarding pest control professional help:

  1. The different species of roaches may hide in various places of your home. So, when using different types of baits, you have to place them close to where that specific species of roach lives. If you incorrectly identify the type of roach you’re dealing with, then it’s likely that you won’t be able to control them.
  2. Home remedies may seem to work occasionally, but their effectiveness is typically short-lived or mere coincidence.
  3. Some DIY roach control methods you find online may recommend harmful substances that have not been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for cockroach control in homes.
  4. The contents of roach bombs or foggers likely won’t penetrate the nooks and crannies where roaches nest, rendering these methods only partially effective. This can sometimes repel infestations in different areas of your home, furthering the problem. Lastly, roach bombs can be very dangerous when misapplied (sometimes even correctly applied). There’s a reason they’re called “bombs.”
  5. Home remedies for roach repellents or over-the-counter sprays only address insects you can see, not the hundreds, or even thousands, that may be living in your walls or crawl space.

Does DIY Roach Control Actually Save You Money?

Yes, it’s logical to think that finding a DIY cockroach control method to help you get rid of cockroaches would spare you a chunk of change. However, you might find that you spend a lot of money on ineffective home remedies only to have to call a pest control professional down the road. And, at that point, your roach infestation could have spread to other areas of the home, meaning it might cost you more (and cause more frustration) than it would have had you just called a professional in the first place.

In addition to monetary side effects, DIY methods can be very time consuming, since foggers, sprays and roach bombs require prep time and clean up. Such products are often expensive to buy.

Pesticides Need to Be Used Correctly

It’s absolutely necessary to follow guidelines and labels while using pesticides. These regulations help users know where to apply, when to apply and how much to apply, among other things. Most homeowners have not been trained on how to correctly and effectively use these pesticides. And when used incorrectly, these pesticides can result in ineffective pest control as well as safety issues and other problems.

The Solution to Cockroach Infestations

The societal emphasis placed on DIY methods is great, but it’s important to not reach beyond your capabilities and knowledge. When it comes to a problem as large as roach infestations, your best bet is to contact Terminix. Let a trained technician evaluate your home and the scope of your roach infestation to customize a treatment and prevention plan that best fits your needs.