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Guest Blog by Tiffany Nettles of Columbia SC Moms Blog 

If you have lived through the hot summer days of South Carolina, then you either own a water table or have definitely heard about it! A water table allows your child all the fun of water play, with the added bonus of toys and activities at their height. It’s a great way to allow them the opportunity to cool off, while also offering a play activity different than what they would find in the home or anywhere else in the backyard.

But with everything in life, all good things must come to an end. The thrill and enjoyment a water table brings only lasts so long before your little one is itching for the next new activity. Here are some ways to reinvent your water table to keep your kids interested, while enjoying the all the benefits a mosquito-free backyard from Terminix has to offer.




Digging for Buried Treasure

2Turn your water table into Captain Hook’s dream! Instead of filling with water, add sand to your water table and fill with “treasures” for your little one to dig up and enjoy.

Materials Needed:




“Treasure” (consider items not impacted by sand such as plastic coins, jewels or dinosaurs)


Fill a dry sand table with sand and bury “treasure” throughout for kids to dig up on their own. To keep the game going after all treasures are found, allow each child to pick one favorite treasure to keep for themselves and then have them help bury the rest for another round of games.


Alphabet Soup

4Water play is fun, but with a few extra steps you can turn it into a learning experiences kids will love!

Materials Needed:

Foam Alphabet Letters

Food Coloring

Soup Ladle


Fill water table with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Scatter foam alphabet letters throughout. Give your child a soup ladle and allow them scoop out letters. Make the experience more challenging by having your little one name the letter, words that begin with that letter, and follow-up questions about the word. (H is for horse. What noise does a horse make?) For more advanced players, have them scoop out letters and spell a word.


Growing Your Garden

3Teach your child about what happens when seeds are planted. Incorporate this activity with other lessons and/or crafts related to plants and gardens to further emphasize the point.

Materials Needed:

Dry beans

Small imitation plants, fruits or vegetables



Fill water table with dry beans representing “seeds.” Bury leaves, fruits and vegetables throughout. Provide child with a shovel to help locate buried items. Upon discovery, have child name the item. Together, discuss details about the item found.

Have you used your water table for something else other than intended? Share your creative ideas below.