When it pours, do termites swarm?

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            We had our April showers which brought May flowers—and now we have some unwanted swarming pests. After it rains, flying termites, also known as alates, are likely to emerge due to the ideal conditions of the soil. They are leaving their current nests to make it on their own and start a new termite colony.

Even though the rain may incite flying termites to emerge, it is not the only reason they start to swarm. Humidity, the age of the colony, and warmer temperatures provide more reasons for them to take off. And once they do take off, they don’t go too far—only about 1,000 meters from their original colony to be exact.

Swarmers job is to reproduce to create new colonies. They can’t eat or infest wood, so they can be easily killed by sweeping or vacuuming them up. But, if you happen to see swarmers, it means there is an active termite colony near your home and you should call Terminix as soon as possible.