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Our blog partner, Lauren Foster of Love Lola, is back with more lifestyle tips and stories. With the holiday spirit reaching a fever pitch, Lauren is sharing special holiday traditions she’s carried from childhood to create fun, memorable experiences for her young family. As you prep and plan for your holidays, don’t forget that bugs and pests are on the search for warmth during the winter months. Here’s advice to make sure your home doesn’t take on any unwanted guests this holiday season.

In the coming months, I find myself purging and cleaning out the home, making it clean and inviting while we burrow down for the winter. And while we’re seeking warmth, bugs and critters are too! With an older home, we’ve had to take some extra precautions to keep unwanted mice (yes, ewww) and bugs out of our home. I love all the help Terminix offers in helping to keep your home winter ready!