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Terminix Service, Inc. provides a safe and comprehensive mosquito management program. Our highly trained pest professionals know how to properly apply the product to receive the best results that target the removal of adult mosquitos and their larvae.

  • Are mosquito sprays safe for pets?

Yes, but it is advised that pets to do enter the treated areas until the pesticides have dried. It takes 15-20 minutes for the product to dry, but it is asked that pets are not present during the application and do not enter the treated areas for 30 minutes.

The products that are used use pyrethroids as the active ingredient, but are applied in low rates that typically do not harm pets. If a pet comes into contact with the treated area before the pesticide has dried, skin irritation might occur.


  • How long do you have to wait before going outside after treatment?

It is asked that people and pets stay out of treated areas for 30 minutes. Once the product is dried, it is safe to come in contact with the treated area.

The product that is used and the concentration it is applied generally has low toxicity to people and pets. However, if contact is made with treated areas before the product has dried, skin irritation might occur.


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