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Stop Pests & Termites From Invading Your Home

Here are a few easy steps you can take right now.


Are you inviting termites for dinner? Termites eat dead wood, and to them your house is nothing but another meal. You may not be able to prevent termites from attacking your home without treatment, but there are certain things you can do to help discourage them. They are more likely to attack moist wood, so follow these tips on keeping your house dry:

  1. Repair plumbing leaks
  2. Install gutters to divert rain water away from the foundation. If you already have gutters, make sure they are not clogged with debris or damaged. Clogged or damaged gutters can cause a multitude of pest problems. Make sure downspouts direct the water away from the foundation.
  3. Make sure sprinklers do not spray water toward the foundation of the house.
  4. If water continually pools next to the foundation wall, you may need to re-grade the soil so that water flows away from the foundation or install a foundation drainage system (i.e. French drain).
  5. Make sure the roof is in good shape, and there are no leaks.
  6. Repair or replace siding and flashing that is damaged.
  7. Do not store firewood, scrap lumber, or any other wooden products next to the house.
  8. Do not use an excessive amount of mulch or pine straw around the foundation.
  9. Keep bushes and trees trimmed away from the foundation.
  10. If you have a crawlspace, make sure it has adequate ventilation and a moisture barrier, or you may want to have it closed and conditioned with our Humidi-Seal system.
  11. Do not store items, especially wooden items or materials containing cellulose, in the crawlspace.


It’s almost impossible to keep unwanted pests from coming inside, but there are some things you can do to discourage them from invading your home.

  1. Repair leaky pipes and correct any moisture problems.
  2. Make sure gutters are not clogged and are working properly.
  3. Keep tree limbs trimmed away from the roofline.
  4. Make sure window and door screens, gable vents, and foundation vents fit properly and are in good condition.
  5. Seal cracks around windows and doors and holes where plumbing and utility lines enter the house.
  6. Do not use an excessive amount of mulch or pine straw around the foundation of the house.
  7. Keep bushes trimmed away from the foundation.
  8. Use yellow colored light bulbs for porch lights, and other outdoor lighting.
  9. Don’t leave food and drinks lying around to attract pests.
  10. Make sure all trash is enclosed in plastic bags.
  11. Keep the house clean. Avoid clutter, vacuum often, and clean up spilled food.
  12. Have your pets treated regularly for fleas and ticks.
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