Home Improvement Tips to Keep Pests Away

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Many of us enjoy spending time outside during the warmer months. What we don’t enjoy is the bugs that like to join us, especially if they sneak inside. Below are some tips to keep pests out and get some home improvement projects completed:



  • Take the time to inspect the exterior of your home. Look for cracks and holes that could be a gateway for bugs and pests; even a small hole can be an opening for a pest. Prevent the entry of pests by sealing those holes and cracks.


  • Inspect each window for cracks, holes, and rips in the screen. Repair any damage found immediately. Clean each window and screen thoroughly. To seal the window and keep bugs out, apply moisture-resistant caulk to the outer edges of the window.



  • Keep landscaping trimmed and away from your home. Having trees trimmed can help prevent squirrels and rats from entering your home. Vines can also be an easy access for pests to climb into your home. Remove ivy, wisteria, and other climbing plants from the property.


  • Practice good home hygiene! Vacuum furniture and floors to remove food crumbs that can attract pests. Remove trash and food scraps and wipe up any spills. Create a daily cleaning schedule to continue keeping your home in a good and clean state.


Helping prevent and resolve pest issues can help you enjoy time inside and outside. If professional assistance is needed, learn how Terminix Service, Inc. can help.