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Stop them marching in their tracks

Like mosquitoes, few things can spoil your time outside more than fire ants. Aside from the unsightly and sometimes difficult-to-detect mounds that can litter your yard, they’re also dangerous.

Their painful stings can be hazardous if you’re allergic to insect bites, or if you happen to encounter them en masse. And that’s to say nothing of the trouble they can cause if they move inside your house and set up shop.

That’s where Terminix’s Fire Ant Control services come in. Our twice-yearly services can get rid of fire ants through special baits that won’t damage your lawn. And because our treatments are routine, we’ll get them even if they start to come back.

Tips for Prevention and Control

Because of the health threat posed by fire ants, it is important to take steps to control ants around your home and yard. Here are a few simple tips we recommend:
  1. Eliminate Food Sources

Fire ants are foragers and will prey on insects and small animals. Keep both away by making sure all garbage in and around your home is properly picked up and secured.

  1. Keep Your Yard Dry

Fire ants nest in moist soil, so remove that habitat by eliminating standing water. The same goes for damp, rotting logs, which are an ideal environment; move all wood piles as far away from your home as possible.

  1. Trim Your Trees

Fire ants love to nest and forage in trees, and overhanging branches can lead them straight into your house.

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The availability of food and shelter makes your home a prime target for pests. We’ll recommend eliminating trash, arranging regular trash pick-ups and regularly mowing tall grass or weeds.



Pests can make their way into your home through the smallest opening. We’ll suggest covering vents, securing gaps and applying tight weather stripping to doors.



A well-designed preventive program is key to minimizing pest invasions. Your Terminix service professional will work with you to determine effective preventive measures.

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We’re committed to defending your home or business against pests and termites. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep them out.