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Terminix® North Augusta, SC Offers the Following Pest Control Services:

Our reputation for successful pest management spans many years and it’s one on which our customers depend. As a Terminix customer, you can expect a thorough inspection of your home or business to better highlight areas of pest infestation. Upon finding pest activity, our professional exterminators will employ diligence in treating areas, to keep your space free of unwanted visitors.

Get effective treatment plans for all types of household pests. Also, ask about our quarterly pest control program to protect your family from future infestations

For homes damaged by termites, we provide damage and home repairs with our in-house licensed building contractors

Terminix has the best guarantees for pest control North Augusta, SC offers. Whether you need residential or commercial pest control services, we offer a variety of custom-tailored solutions for every pest. And, for termite treatment, Terminix offers the strongest termite guarantee in the industry; residents can depend on two effective types of solutions: our Terminix Termite Baiting program, or Terminix liquid termite treatment.

Remaining environmentally conscious, Terminix uses safe products in our termite treatments to ensure our service is pet and child friendly.

If you are in need of effective termite or pest control North Augusta, SC professionals are on hand to end your frustrations. Take advantage of our free in-home evaluations, where a qualified pest expert will provide you with answers to your pest problems. And, since ongoing, in-house training is provided for all employees, this means you’ll always be serviced by trained professionals in your home or business.

When in need of quality pest control North Augusta, SC can trust Terminix to meet their pest management needs. Call us today to take advantage of pest control services that will certainly exceed your expectations.

  • Terminix® Liquid Defend System® with Termidor – The fastest and most effective liquid termite control program.
  • Terminix Termite Baiting Program – Effective against the growing threat of Formosan termites.
  • Termite Fumigation – Specifically designed to combat Drywood Termites.
    Pest Control Solutions – Custom-tailored pest control solutions for every pest.
  • Commercial Pest Control Services
  • Commercial Termite Control Services
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Terminix – North Augusta
5183 Augusta Rd
Beech Island, SC 29842
(803) 278-4163

Request Free Inspection

  • *Restrictions Apply
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