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For Quality Pest Control | Beaufort, SC Trusts Terminix®

When you have pests and termites inside your home, the company you call for pest management can make all the difference. Terminix has the experience needed to provide quality solutions for pest control. Beaufort, SC and surrounding cities trust Terminix Service, Inc. as the pest control company of choice because we provide the care and attention they need to live in a healthy environment.

For over 65 years, Terminix has given homeowners guaranteed service, which covers the Carolinas, and even CSRA Georgia. Call on us if you suspect termite infestation, or are in need of effective solutions for pest control. Beaufort, SC residents can conveniently schedule a consultation with their Terminix representative, at our Edinburgh Avenue location in Port Royal, SC.

Your call in to us will result in a scheduled, free in-home evaluation. And, since our employees have all received in-house training, you can trust that the professional coming out to your home is knowledgeable and experienced in pest control.

We Keep Pests under Control in South Carolina

For pest control, Beaufort, SC experts will provide you with the optimal solution for your pest problem. Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer in Beaufort, you’ll benefit from effective treatment plans available for all household pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches and other vermin.

Terminix offers a quarterly service that focuses on the management and control of household pests.

Our Termite Solutions

Termites can eat away at the wood found on the home’s exterior and even deeper on the interior. Damage from a termite infestation can result in costly repairs.

If you suspect a termite infestation, ask one of our professionals about our liquid termite treatment or termite baiting system – the most effective way to eliminate termites from your property. Both treatments are so effective that we offer the strongest guarantee in the industry.

Furthermore, because we care for the environment, Terminix provides environmentally conscience pest control Beaufort, SC residents can appreciate. Residents can confidently avail themselves to our environmentally conscious termite treatment, for pet and child friendly termite control. The impact to the environment is minimized and yet, it is still effective against termites.

When the mere thought of pests or termites damaging your home strikes you with fear and anxiety, you’ll want the best company on your side. Rely on the quality service and reliable guarantees we provide to give you peace of mind.

For the best pest control Beaufort, SC has to offer, call Terminix today for your free in-home evaluation.

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Terminix – Beaufort
2212 Mossy Oaks Rd
Port Royal, SC 29935
(843) 525-0348

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This company is above, by far the best I have encountered. Wonderful service! Way to go! Keep being the best above the rest.D.F.
D.F.Columbia Central
I'm very happy with the service provided by Terminix. The technicians are always very courteous and professional.G.M.
My rating is a 10. Great service.D.J.
Weather was nasty, Justin was on time, worked in the rain and did a thorough and professional job.M.T.
Your serviceman is always very friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and very accommodating.K.F.
K.F.Columbia East
Our Terminix service has been exceptional and we appreciate the great service we get from our rep, Mike Avery.  Terminix has put together a great team.S.R.
S.R.North Augusta
Since I've had Terminix I have not had any problems with bugs or spiders.E.K.
All your staff, past and present, and have been extremely professional and knowledgeable.  Well done.N.R.
N.R.Columbia West
As usual, timely and attentive service. We have recommended you to our neighbors.H.C.
Terminix was the only company I found to be reliable and got rid of the pest.  I am very pleased with the service and the tech who comes out regularly (Mark) is wonderful. Thanks for your great service.S.H.
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