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South Carolina Pest Control

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Taking care of the Palmetto State since 1947

For pest control in South Carolina, Terminix should be your first — and last — call. As the state’s leading provider, we have you covered with 31 locations, from the Lowcountry to the Midlands to the Upstate. And with 70 years of expertise and the industry’s best guarantee, you can bet that we’ll take care of the problem better than anyone.

South Carolina Pests and Treatments

As always, we offer our full complement of residential and commercial services for a wide range of pests. But we also understand the extermination issues that are unique to South Carolina. We live and work here, too, so we know firsthand the geographic and climate factors that can drive infestations — whether it’s the fire ants of the Pee Dee region, or the Formosan and Drywood termites, Palmetto bugs and Asian cockroaches of the Lowcountry.

And our famously hot, humid summers? Perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, booklice and moisture problems.

Because we know specifically what’s bugging you — and why — we know exactly how to treat it, and help prevent it from coming back.

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Need pest control in South Carolina? Find the closest Terminix location below.

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Other Locations