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For Pest Control Gaston County, NC Trusts Terminix® to Get the Job Done Right!

For expert pest control Gastonia, NC residents consistently turn to Terminix. From the first phone call, we listen to your pest intrusion issues and offer professional phone consultations – free of charge.

We go the extra mile with our customers and will even come out to your residence to perform a custom evaluation for free. Our customers note our dedication to the community. They continue to recommend our services to neighbors and friends, making our business a 65-year main-stay in pest control Gastonia, NC residents have come to trust.

The Terminix® Difference

We help protect your family from disease carrying rodents, plus spider and ant invasions. If other attempts at pest control have failed, or the problem is too dangerous to solve on your own, then schedule a convenient in-home evaluation with one of our professionals. All our staff members are qualified and further their knowledge by completing our in-house specialized training.

Our advice is customized to your property for the fastest and most lasting results. Terminix professionals never try to upsell you with products and services you don’t need. And, we maintain the pest control Gastonia, NC residents need by offering a quarterly maintenance schedule to guard against future pest invasions.

Superior Termite & Pest Control Gaston County, NC Relies On

Customers like having options when it comes to termite control. We can resolve termite issues with our baiting technique, which eliminates chemical use and satisfies environmentally conscious customers. Our conventional liquid treatments also provide relief from termite destruction. Both our environmentally conscious and conventional solutions are safe to use around small children, pets and adults with product sensitivities.

Safety, cost-efficiency, plus the strongest termite guarantee in the industry, keeps us true to our founding principles of offering the best service possible. We are particularly proud that for pest control, Gastonia, NC has allowed us another year of taking care of their homes and families. Since our inception in 1947, we have never taken this privilege lightly.

We recommend avoiding delay, since this may compromise the structure of your home, result in loss of equity, and create safety hazards from improper construction. If damage has already occurred, don’t worry, we can schedule one of our professionals to repair termite and pest damage done to your home. Our contractors are industry certified and also receive our in-house training. Rest assured, you will receive the same great service Terminix is known for as professionals who respect the privacy and financial value of your home.

Call Terminix today for your free phone consultation, free in-home evaluation, and convenient scheduling.

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Terminix – Gaston County
1609 S York Rd
Gastonia, NC 28052
(704) 867-6364

Request Free Inspection

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