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For Pest Control, Franklin Relies on Terminix®, the Leaders since 1947!

When it comes to using the finest North Carolina pest control services, local residents rely on Terminix. While Franklin residents often enjoy some of the most beautiful weather in the country, they don’t want their fun spoiled by unwelcome visitors. When it comes to pest control, Franklin residents know the only place to turn is Terminix.

Get Effective Treatment

Pest control is more than simply spraying yards once a month. The trained professionals at Terminix know that the best way to create an effective Franklin pest control environment is to stop problems before they occur. This includes setting up inspections to ensure that termites and other unwelcome intruders do not get a head start on causing problems.

During spring and summer, one of the most irritating problems that experts encounter is the outbreak of mosquitoes. The professionals at Terminix do more than simply treat the adult mosquitoes that have already gotten a stronghold on an area. Instead, they will actually attack the breeding areas where mosquitoes have dropped their eggs and destroy them before they can become a nuisance. When they are done, they will also conduct a tour of the area to find out how to best prevent breeding areas from becoming recurring problems.

Why Terminix®?

When it comes to pest control, Franklin Terminix inspectors are the acknowledged professionals in early detection of termite problems. In the event that termites have infiltrated a property, Terminix has a wide range of treatment options, including the exclusive Terminix Termite Baiting System, which is a state-of-the-art method that actually allows most termite colonies to be handled with one treatment. In addition, Terminix also provides the strongest guarantee in the pest control industry. With the Terminix Termite Protection Plan, a home is protected against termites for the entire duration of the homeownership of the property.

In Franklin, pest control does not have to be a challenge. By making a call to Terminix, all of the pest control Franklin residents need will be handled. Whether mosquitoes are the problem, or termites, or fire ants, Terminix is available to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the problems are eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To free your home of pests, call today to schedule your free consultation in Franklin, North Carolina.

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Terminix – Franklin
156 Old Cat Creek Rd
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 524-4795

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