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Quality Pest Control in Augusta

In Georgia, finding pest control solutions with lasting results can be achieved with Terminix. Augusta, GA has benefited from pest and termite treatment from Terminix for over 65 years and residents know we are a company they can always rely on. As industry professionals we continue to expand our record of providing expert solutions to new customers who use our services.
We understand the frustrations homeowners feel when pests appear unexpectedly, especially after applying treatment that has not been effective. Whether needing service for termites, spiders, ants, or another type of pest control, Augusta Terminix specialists, can address the issue immediately and effectively. If you are experiencing a problem with pests call our office located on Walden Drive, and we’ll happily provide a free evaluation. During an evaluation our customers can expect a thorough inspection of their home or commercial space to better highlight the areas of infestation.
Furthermore, convenient scheduling is available to suit your needs – should you need service on the inside of your home between regularly scheduled visits, simply call and we will return at the time most convenient for you.

Terminix® Augusta, GA Offers:

  • A variety of solutions for termite and pest control problems
  • Our quarterly pest control service incorporates preventive steps to insure a pest free environment. These preventive steps include treatment around windows and doors, as well as thorough exterior treatment, including removal of spider webs.
  • The strongest termite guarantee in the industry
  • Environmentally safe products for pet and child friendly pest control

The goal for Terminix is to make sure your pest problems are controlled so that you and your family can live in a healthy environment. Whether you are a commercial or residential customer needing pest management solutions, you’ll receive the utmost care and attention from us. For pest control, Augusta GA, and surrounding areas in Martinez, Georgia, rely on Terminix for the most technologically advanced treatments available.
For termite treatment for instance, you can benefit from two types of termite solutions: our liquid termite treatment – the faster and most effective way to eliminate termites from your property, or our equally effective termite baiting system.
Learn how you too can capitalize on pest solutions from Terminix professionals in your area. For pest control in Augusta Georgia, call now to schedule an evaluation in your home or business.

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Terminix – Augusta
2012 Franke Court
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 733-7702

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