Bed Bugs and Summer Travel

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Now that it’s time for summer, it’s time for family vacations! Are you traveling this summer? Are you worried about bed bugs? Bed bugs have become increasingly common and the chances of encountering them are high.


Bed bugs don’t fly, but they can easily climb on luggage or clothing and travel anywhere. Bed bugs are typically found in places where people sleep, but can also be found in any place you visit, like public transit, restaurants, stores, and schools. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases and their bites are relatively painless. A typical reaction to a bed bug bite includes a red bump and itching.


To remove the fear of bed bugs and potential infestations, below are some traveling tips:

  • Consider using a hard shell suitcase. This type of suitcase has fewer crevices for bugs to hide.
  • Check for bed bugs before getting settled into your room. Bed bugs are small and flat. Pull back the sheets and look for tiny bugs or spots along the seams and edges of the mattress. Inspect the headboard, upholstered furniture, and window treatments.
  • Do not place your luggage on the ground or on the bed. Use the luggage rack, place it on the dresser, or keep it in the bathroom.
  • Upon arriving home, vacuum luggage or use a brush to scrub items. Unpack immediately and wash all clothes in hot water and dry with high heat.

If you find that bed bugs follow you home, call Terminix Service Inc. immediately. The faster the situation is inspected, the easier it can be treated.