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There was a black spider in the kitchen. Looked a bit fuzzy with fat legs. When I spacked it there was a whole bunch of teeny baby spider running around. I’ve been seeing alot of skinny leg spifers around the house recently but none looking like that. Was that the female breeder I killed?


What you saw was probably a wolf spider.  The female wolf spider carries around her egg sac until it hatches.  Once the little spiderlings hatch they crawl onto their mother’s back and she carries them around with her for a few days until they are ready to survive on their own.  They are the same color so they would blend in and not be noticeable until they are separated and start crawling about.  Wolf spiders do not make webs, they wander around looking for prey which is usually insects and other spiders.  They are very common around structures and will occasionally wander indoors in search of food.  The other “skinny legged” spiders could be cellar spiders (if they are in webs), or male crevice weavers.  These two types of spiders are very common around structures as well.  None of these are dangerous, however the wolf spider could bite if handled but their venom is not very toxic to us and should not cause any lasting effects.