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Hi, I live out on a ranch, and have come across SCORPIONS inside my house. How dangerous is this and how can i get rid of theese ugly things inside my house!

Scorpions are not ugly, they are fascinating creatures!  (Unless you’re talking about the 80’s heavy metal group :))  It really depends on what species you have that determines how dangerous they are.  If you live in our area of the country (the Southeast), we have small bark scorpions that will occasionally enter structures.  They are not aggressive but if they do sting it is no more dangerous ,or painful, than a bee sting.  Out West, the scorpions are larger and a little more toxic – but certainly not deadly (unless you are allergic).  Scorpions are predators and they will wander inside in search of food – mostly insects and spiders.  They typically hide during the day and wander about at night.  Since you are much bigger than they are, they will try to run and hide rather than fight.  If they are cornered or trapped, then they will sting out of defense.  Most people get stung when they reach into or under something, or put on a shoe and didn’t realize a scorpion is hiding there.  Depending on the species, a sting will cause pain and swelling at the site and could cause systemic reactions such as nausea, cramps, headache, etc.  Even though death is rare, if you are stung you should seek treatment from a doctor.  General pest control methods will typically control scorpions.  Once you eliminate their food source they will not want to stick around.  If you call 1-800-Terminix, you can schedule a free pest inspection and treatment estimate.  A trained technician will identify hiding places and entry points that scorpions could use and then discuss control options.