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i keep finding little dirth mounds on my window sill out side my house . when i break it open ther are tinny wormes in it or at least i think thay are wormes .what is it i know what termints look like so i know it not that

What you may be seeing are dirt dauber nests or potter wasp nests.  Dirt daubers and potter wasps both construct a small nest made of mud.  Before sealing the nest, the female wasp will lay her eggs and provision them with food for when they hatch.  The food is usually spiders that have been paralyzed by her sting, but can also be other types of insects.  When the eggs hatch, the larvae are worm, or grub-like in appearance.  They feed on the paralyzed spiders and then pupate into an adult wasp and leave the hollow dirt nest behind. The only way to prevent them from constructing these nests is to destroy them when they are found just like you have been doing.