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I ‘ve been getting (bug or insect) bites all over my body for more than 2 weeks now,and have’nt been able to determine what is causing it. They itch realy bad,i even went to the doctor but he did’t help much eather. I am desperate, mostly because i haven’t seen any bugs in my house, i share a bed with my husband and only until recently he also noticed bites on him.  My bites are mostly on my belly or back, but i have some on my legs and arms.Any help will be apreciated, thank you.

It is really hard to diagnose insect bites because different insects may cause the same reactions.  Plus, there are other things such as allergic reactions, skin irritations, and chemical reactions that can also look similar to insect bites.  Sometimes reactions don’t occur until some time later.  For instance, if you spend some time outside you could be bitten by midges (no-see-ums) or mosquitoes and then not react to them until later that day when you are relaxing inside.  Another culprit could be bed bugs.  You may want to inspect the folds and seams of your mattress and box spring for signs of bed bugs.  This would include blood spots, black spotting, shed skins, and the bed bugs themselves.  People react differently to bed bug bites, which could be why your husband doesn’t have the same symptoms.  You may want to call a pest professional to inspect your home to see if biting pests can be found.  If you call 1-800-Terminix you can schedule a free pest inspection and treatment estimate.  If no insects or related arthropods are found, there will be no need for a pest treatment.  You also may want to consider seeing a different doctor who may offer a little more help, or a dermatologist.