Can You Get Bed Bugs In Your Car

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Bed bugs can cover a lot of ground. Bed bugs can travel into your house on clothing or belongings, or through gaps in walls or along plumbing or electrical piping. Their flat shape makes it easy for them to hide in cracks, crevasses, and other tiny spaces. They have even been spotted in trains, planes, and automobiles. 

Looking for Bed Bugs in your Car

Take these steps to inspect your car:

  • Make sure all trash and clutter is gone, bed bugs are excellent at hiding
  • Search your entire car for signs of bed bugs. Look under your car seats, along with the seams in your car seats, in your glove compartment and compartments and console
  • Look for dark spots, blood stains and shed exoskeletons

If signs of bed bugs are visible, you will want to thoroughly clean your car.

Clean your car 

  • Wash, shampoo, and condition all floor mats, rugs, and covers. Let them dry in the heat of the sun. 
  • Vacuum your entire car. Make sure you get the side panels, under your seats, and any cracks and crevices. 
  • You can also opt to steam clean your car’s interior or have a professional clean it

Bed bug infestations in your car are very rare, but inspecting your car is an important preventative step, especially after travel. If you find them in your car, they will most likely be in your home too.

If you suspect you have them, call us immediately. Our local experts will conduct a thorough, free examination of your home, furniture, and bedding to determine the extent of the problem, and recommend the best course of action.