10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

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We are partnering with blogger Love Lola to bring you lifestyle tips and stories. This month Lauren shares 10 fun outdoor activities for your little ones. Keeping your children safe from disease carrying pests is important year round, but especially during the summer months. Our mosquito management, fire ant, and pest control can all help keep your family safe while enjoying your outdoor space.


With summer in full force, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite 10 outdoor summer activities for toddlers. If we stay inside too much, both Piper and I will go a little stir crazy. Just getting outside for an hour makes the biggest difference in our day. This has also made me realize how essential it is to have a yard space that feels groomed, managed, and safe to play in. Terminix offers so many services outside of termites, including ants, spiders, and mosquitos that you don’t want hanging around during your play time!

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