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Manage Your Pests With Terminix Service, Inc. in Greenville

Have you experienced the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation? Thinning wood, mud-like residue or paint damage are a few signs of termite damage. Terminix provides expert termite and pest control services for the home and business to treat and manage infestations. A household name for over 60 years in Greenville, SC, pest control problems are resolved effectively and quickly with us at all times because we’ve held the standard for quality and service for generations.

For effective pest control, Greenville and surrounding areas of upstate SC have relied on Terminix to consistently treat their properties. They know our termite protection services and quarterly pest control plan will insure pests are eradicated. We also encourage customers to invest in our preventative plans to eliminate the risk for re-infestations and save in potentially costly repairs. Every plan is personalized to your specific need offering you reasonable solutions. We gladly offer to return until the pests are gone!

So, why are we Different from the Competition?

  • Terminix® has been serving the community for over 60 years.
  • We offer customized termite solutions and damage guarantee.
  • All of our technicians are trained in-house and work within the Terminix standards.
  • Damage and home repairs can be provided with our in-house licensed building contractors.

Pest Management Solutions

Termites and other pests love great weather just like we do! The weather and seasons can determine how well pests can flourish. Rest assured however, that our termite specialists are able to locate and eradicate termites as well as fire ants and mosquitoes and seasonal pests specific to Greenville, SC. Pest Control solutions we provide remain effective no matter the weather.

Rely on us to control household and yard pests while offering convenient scheduling to suit your needs.

Termite Treatment Services that Work

At Terminix Service, Inc., we are concerned about the environment. That is why we perform child and pet friendly pest control. Greenville residents can trust in the position Terminix upholds as an environmentally responsible company with the strongest termite guarantee in the industry. Speak with a representative to find out more about our termite baiting program and liquid treatment.

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Terminix – Greenville North
2611 Rutherford Rd
Greenville, SC 29609
(864) 292-6411

Request Free Inspection

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